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What is a Bluetooth gateway?

August 12, 2021

Latest company news about What is a Bluetooth gateway?

Bluetooth gateway is a network communication device that integrates Bluetooth data acquisition, remote control of Bluetooth device, and two-way transmission of Bluetooth data. Bluetooth gateway can two-way transmission and exchange local Bluetooth data with remote server data through Ethernet, WiFi, 4G, etc. In order to realize the bluetooth terminal equipment such as Bluetooth bracelet, Bluetooth beacon, Bluetooth sphygmomanometer, Bluetooth door lock data acquisition, remote control and two-way data transmission function.

Most of the bluetooth gateways in the market are Low power Bluetooth (BLE) gateways. This is because most of the Bluetooth terminal devices use low power Bluetooth (BLE) technology, so low power Bluetooth (BLE) gateways can better meet the needs of practical applications.

To simplify the wiring of Bluetooth gateways, most Bluetooth gateways are compatible with PoE power supply and power adapter power supply. When a user connects a PoE switch to a Bluetooth gateway, the problem of power supply and network communication can be solved through a network cable at the same time.

Bluetooth gateway is widely used in asset management, health management, smart pension, indoor personnel positioning, smart home, information collection, industrial control, smart agriculture, smart breeding, supply chain management and other fields.

The Createk Bluetooth gateway integrates LNA and PA on the Bluetooth side, which greatly improves the coverage of Bluetooth signals, reduces the number of Bluetooth gateways used, and reduces the system cost and installation complexity.

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