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Bluetooth gateway parking lock scheme

August 11, 2021

Latest company case about Bluetooth gateway parking lock scheme

Traditional parking lock in the car leaving and driving in, need to manually get out of the car to lock or unlock, so extremely inconvenient. If bluetooth gateway is installed in the parking lot, bluetooth parking lock is installed in the parking lot, so that the mobile phone bluetooth lock or remote reservation of parking, so that parking is more convenient and parking management is more intelligent! The lock opening process is as follows:

Bluetooth gateway installed in the aisle, a Bluetooth gateway can manage multiple Bluetooth locks. Parking Spaces in the parking lot phone bluetooth connection lock sends the unlock information, bluetooth and bluetooth gateway connected to send lock unlock information, bluetooth gateway via Ethernet (POE), WiFi, 4 g way to unlock the information sent to the backend server, the server connects to the background for unlock information, the background to allow the lock, will unlock information feedback to the server, Server feedback to the Bluetooth gateway, Bluetooth gateway will unlock information to bluetooth lock, Bluetooth lock unlock.latest company case about Bluetooth gateway parking lock scheme  0

                                                                 Bluetooth gateway parking lock scheme

In this process, the Bluetooth gateway has the following three functions:
1. The Bluetooth gateway can connect to the background server through Ethernet (POE power supply), WiFi and 4G.
2. The Bluetooth gateway communicates with the background through TCP, UDP or MQTT.
3, The Bluetooth gateway can collect the status information of the Bluetooth lock, remote parking reservation, remote management.

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