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Bluetooth gateway + Bluetooth bracelet smart hospital

August 11, 2021

Latest company case about Bluetooth gateway + Bluetooth bracelet smart hospital

Bluetooth gateway + Bluetooth bracelet can help hospitals better manage patients, from the small to the patient's temperature, heart rate and other vital signs automatically collected and recorded, to the electronic guardrail to prevent patients from getting lost, to the patient's emergency location query... Bluetooth gateway + Bluetooth bracelet Smart hospital is based on Bluetooth positioning technology, with a positioning accuracy of 3-5 meters and the walking track can be viewed.

Patients admitted for each sickbed patients distribute a heart bracelets, and will be the only ID number with each bluetooth bracelet patient identity binding, in a hospital area within the scope of the bluetooth gateway layout, can real-time collect each sickbed patients wear bluetooth bracelet broadcast the data, the medical center can monitor at any time to each patient's heart rate data, Through the early warning mechanism, effective medical measures should be taken for patients with abnormal conditions in time to reduce patient casualties.

System diagramlatest company case about Bluetooth gateway + Bluetooth bracelet smart hospital  0Product introduction

Product Bluetooth gateway Bluetooth bracelet
Picture Bluetooth Gateway + Bluetooth Bracelet smart hospital Bluetooth gateway + Bluetooth bracelet Smart hospital
Bluetooth 4.2/5.0
Integrate PA and LNA

The scanning and connection distance can reach more than 100 meters

Support WiFi, 4G, Ethernet

Communication supports UDP, TCP, and MQTT

Low power Bluetooth BLE 5.1
1.22 ": 240 X 210 dot matrix HD TFT display

2 physical keys (on/off and SOS)

Heart rate, blood pressure, step counting, sleep detection

SOS alarm, access electronic fence alarm, low power alarm, shutdown alarm, etc


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Plan advantage
1. Information collection: The Bluetooth bracelet can be used to develop a variety of vital sign data collection, and through this scheme, it can be uploaded to the medical management office to set up a warning line, and the patient's condition can be viewed at a glance.
2. One-click SOS: If a patient falls in a remote place and can't get up by himself, one-click SOS can be used to receive information in the background and find the position in time for help.
3. Behavior track monitoring: Bluetooth gateway is deployed in the whole hospital to achieve full coverage of hospital signals, and the behavior track of each patient can be effectively monitored with the Bluetooth bracelet worn by the patient.
4. Easy to use: simplify the data collection process of medical staff, reduce the repeated workload of medical staff and improve the efficiency of medical care.
5, low cost: a Bluetooth gateway layout can be reused, high utilization.

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