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Bluetooth gateway + Bluetooth beacon to create intelligent storage

August 11, 2021

Latest company case about Bluetooth gateway + Bluetooth beacon to create intelligent storage

Asset management is an important part of enterprise management. Manual inventory, bar code, TWO-DIMENSIONAL code, and electronic label management are only suitable for a small number of assets. For assets such as large quantity, variety, high value, long life cycle and dispersed locations, it is difficult to manage. Bluetooth gateway + Bluetooth beacon storage scheme can be selected to create intelligent iot management.

Bluetooth gateway + Bluetooth beacon Smart Iot storage:
Schematic diagram of application framework

Smarter than regular storage
One-click asset location query: Locate the asset location based on Bluetooth beacon signal strength, and the asset is in that area at a glance.
One-click acquisition of asset inventory: Based on the unique address of bluetooth beacon of each asset, it is connected to the system of goods on the pallet, so that the repository manager can know the inventory status at any time
One-click asset dynamics: low-power Bluetooth beacon broadcasting + acceleration sensor to determine asset status (whether moving or not); Time stamps are used to record asset transfers
One-click asset inventory: Bluetooth gateway scans the broadcast data of Bluetooth beacon and performs edge calculation; Multi-gateway coordination mechanism, real-time asset inventory
Others: When exceeding the designated warehouse area, the platform will alarm to prevent loss; First in, first out, sluggish management

Createk gateway, Asset Bluetooth beacon advantage
Ultra low power real time wide area network technology is adopted.
Link budget greater than 118dBm;
The open distance can reach the point-to-point communication distance of 1.5km;
Sleep current 1.1 microamps;
Emission current 6.5mA@5dBm, 4.5mA@0dBm;
Receiving current 7.5mA;
Single-channel concurrent processing capability over 2000 terminals/SEC;
Frequency band: 2.402-2.528ghz;
Resources: 32Bits CPU Core, 24KBytes SRAM (8KByte Retention SRAM), 2MBytes Flash;
Under the one-second response communication model, the annual power consumption does not exceed 45mAh.

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