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Bluetooth gateway + beacon asset location management solution

August 11, 2021

Latest company case about Bluetooth gateway + beacon asset location management solution

Important assets that are hard to manage? Easy to lose?  Bluetooth Gateway + beacon makes your asset management easy and clear. By laying out bluetooth gateway and beacon within the scope of asset monitoring, you can locate and view assets in real time.
The asset location management architecture of Bluetooth gateway + beacon is as follows:

latest company case about Bluetooth gateway + beacon asset location management solution  0

1) Bluetooth beacon sends out Bluetooth broadcast, which contains MAC address. Bluetooth beacon is bound to assets one to one by unique MAC address;
2) The Bluetooth gateway scans the broadcast of the Bluetooth beacon and determines the area where the fixed assets are located according to the received signal strength;
3) The Bluetooth gateway will transmit the data to the server through Ethernet, WIFI or 4G, which is convenient for customers to take inventory of assets and locate areas.

Advantages of bluetooth gateway + Beacon asset location management solution:
Real-time inventory: Bluetooth beacons broadcast at a certain frequency, so real-time inventory of assets can be carried out.
Area location: The signal strength of the Bluetooth beacon received through the Bluetooth gateway can be used to locate the area of the asset.
Lost alarm: If the Bluetooth beacon leaves the designated area, the background will send out an alarm signal in time. (The Bluetooth gateway cannot scan the corresponding beacon).

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