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Bluetooth beacon + Bluetooth watch positioning scheme

August 11, 2021

Latest company case about Bluetooth beacon + Bluetooth watch positioning scheme

The Createk Bluetooth beacon + Bluetooth watch enables indoor positioning, because the Bluetooth watch can record the wearer's heart rate, exercise... Information that can be applied to nursing homes. For example, if the elderly in the nursing home fall, you can press SOS on the watch. The background will receive the alarm information and check the elderly's position to help. The elderly heart rate is too high to alert and so on.

Bluetooth beacon + Bluetooth watch to achieve the positioning processlatest company case about Bluetooth beacon + Bluetooth watch positioning scheme  0A Bluetooth beacon is arranged every 5-8 meters in the room. The bluetooth beacon emits bluetooth broadcast, and the Bluetooth watch (bundled with the person through the Bluetooth MAC address or IMEI number) scans the nearby Bluetooth beacon for broadcast. The signal is the strongest and the value of the four bluetooth beacon and bluetooth watch information (such as heart rate data, operation, alarm, etc.) through the NB - IOT, sent to the backend server backend server through triangulation algorithm, combined with the indoor map, the position of the beacon, calculating the position of bluetooth watch, and set up the corresponding warning trigger mechanism, the understanding of the risk information and location of the wearer.

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